Over the years I've had the opportunity to work for several different companies and on different kinds of projects. Here is a summary of these jobs.

Freelance Work

  1. I'm helping Playonic with the maintenance and development of their football manager game Virtual Manager - a web application built in Ruby on Rails and vanilla JS. My tasks consist of pretty much everything from ops and server maintenance to frontend development.

  2. I've helped Substance Lab build two different Ruby on Rails apps as a subcontractor. Both apps were greenfield projects, and my responsibilities were primarily developing the backends.

  3. For Nordplaner I have developed two Ruby libraries. One is an integration with eIndkomst, a registry maintained by the Danish tax authorities, where companies report salary payments. The other is an integration for delivering documents to eBoks, a public digital mail solution for Danish citizens.

  4. The Danish political party Alternativet hired me to develop a solution that enables single sign on between two separate webapps.


  1. Software developer
    Playonic ApS
    2010 - 2014

    Over the 4 years at Playonic, I helped maintain and develop Virtual Manager, a web based football manager game built in Ruby on Rails and large amounts of Javascript and CoffeeScript. As the company only consisted of 3 people, my daily tasks weren't just limited to coding. My job consisted of designing new features, keeping the servers running, and pretty much any other tasks that needed to be done as well.

  2. Developer / Co-owner
    Anybite ApS
    2009 - 2012

    In Anybite we developed a search engine from scratch that made restaurant menus searchable based on geolocation and type of food and ingredients. We built it as a Ruby on Rails web app backed by a Solr server. My responsibilities covered backend development and maintaining the infrastructure, as well as taking part in the more strategic discussions on the business side of things.

  3. Software Developer
    CCI Magazine
    2009 - 2010

    I had a short stint with CCI Magazine, where I worked on the desktop client for the workflow management system developed for the magazine publishing industry. The client was developed in Java Swing and talked to a Java Enterprise backend.

  4. Software Developer
    Lenio A/S
    2008 - 2009

    At Lenio I had the opportunity to work with several very different technologies. I developed an extension to a document registry that made it possible to add specific metadata to the documents, I built a prototype desktop client for a proprietary microblogging platform in Adobe Flex, and it was here I first dipped my toes in Ruby on Rails building a prototype for a potential client.

  5. IT Specialist
    Acure / IBM Healthcare
    2005 - 2008

    This was my first position as a professional programmer. I worked on a public Danish healthcare platform that is the main entrance for citizens as well as healthcare professional, and at that time it was a large Java Enterprise web application. Over the 3 years I got to work with development and maintenance of pretty much all parts of the application. I handled second level support as well and worked closely together with the customer on figuring out requirements for new features.


On my GitHub account I have various bits and bobs of small things I've made in my spare time and open source contributions.