Internet Explorer and CSS

Internet Explorer never ceases to amaze me - so many quirks and so much strange behavior.

The latest discovery is that it not only imposes a limit on how many stylesheets it loads. It also impose a limit on the size of the stylesheets.

If you have more than 32 stylesheet elements in a page, IE only loads the first 32. That’s fairly easy to discover by searching on Google. But the size limit on each stylesheet isn’t.

Anyways the size limit on each file is 348 kB. A size that should be plenty big for most websites (anyone remember the Bill Gates quote about 640 kB?). But nevertheless does it happen - at least have I had practical experience with this limit today.

It was quite a surprise, and I almost couldn’t find any description of this limit (please, Microsoft, document caveats, limits etc. in your software). But not anymore - now there’s an entire blog post dedicated to the size limit!

And the magic size was 348 kB!