Hello there!

Welcome to my new blog (yeah, some might say it isn’t a blog since it doesn’t allow readers to comment - but I really don’t care.. And perhaps I’ll implement it at some point).


I’ve earlier used WordPress as blogging platform. But at some point I grew tired of not having much control over what happened, and since I’m really just a geek and professional developer, I decided to build my own blog from the ground up.

And this is it!

Since I’ve had complete control in the process, it’s been build in Rails 3, I’ve got the code in a private repository on Github, and the blog is deployed on Heroku. Further more I chose to use HTML5, and the styling is done in SASS (of course that is compiled to regular CSS before being served to you), and the feed is an ATOM feed.

The only thing missing here (at the moment) is JavaScript - but I’ll figure out some excuse for adding some js at some point!

It’s a complete collection of all my favorite tools and services - and I am not ashamed of admitting that it’s opinionated software. Take it or leave it.