Dogme running

I’m a geek and I actually quite like running. But I really hate running around with all sorts of electronic gadgets to track the distance I’m running, average speed, pulse and so on. I feel that it is clutter and it draws unnecessary attention and when I’m using this stuff, I’m not enjoying the run as much as I could be.

That’s why I don’t use anything to record any data.

Since I am a geek, I love data - and I love charts with plots of data. It makes my little geek heart go boom boom boom.

If only I could have a little electronic gadget, small enough to fit in a pocket, sturdy enough to withstand cold, heat, moisture and what else I might encounter during a run and that could at least record route and speed I would definitely use it.

So here’s a free idea for Endomondo, Runkeeper, Nike+ or who else might like to get in the exercise business:

Make a rugged device that is capable of withstanding heat, cold, moisture, salt etc. And make it small - I’m thinking the size of the good old chip for Nike+ - it must be small enough to fit in a pocket for keys in running tights. Equip the device with gps tracking, a timer and an altimeter, equip it with enough memory to be able to record 10 trips.

The data readout should be managed over bluetooth, and recharging the device should preferably be done wireless or through a small plug.

Oh yeah, the device should only have one button - start/stop recording! And some kind of indication of it’s state.

I don’t want any other kind of interaction with it than “start”, “stop”, “dump data” and “charge”.

If you make that, I’ll use it! I promise!